SIRE:  GCH Del Sur's Impressive Impression      DAM:  CH Patriot's Southern Soda at Pouch Cove
Owned Lori Basher and Cynthia Pruitt         Bred by Kathy Maguire   

DOB:                04/10/19
Hips:                PW-9025G24F-VPI
Elbows:            PW-EL4228F24F-VPI Normal
CAER:             PW-EYE4362/25F-VPI Normal
prcd-PRA:      Normal     
EOPRA:          Normal   
JDCM:            1-1 Normal
GM:1               Normal
IC13:               Carrier    
MO:                 Normal   
B R O W N   C U R L Y    F E M A L E    
 Ch. Patriot's What The Elle?
Ch. Patriot's What The Elle?
Piper at 8 Wks
Is she Elle, or Ellie, or Ellerby... or "Smellie- Ellie??"  (You can thank her handler, Erin Myers for that nick-name! )  What she really is, is the sweetest, kindest, CHILL-EST Water Dog I have ever been around in my entire life...

She came into life with a story.... born on April 10th in 2019 she was the 13th puppy to arrive - the last in her litter.  But the story is this.  I thought Dixie was DONE having puppies.  I had wrapped up the show and cleaned everything up.  90 minutes later - - "SUPRISE!"  Here came ANOTHER Brown Curly Girl!  She was promptly named SURPRISE!  When you see that stunning stacked picture of her below at 6 weeks (yes, she is only 6 weeks in that picture) - - that is when I realized I was keeping a brown curly girl.  I did not WANT a brown curly girl.  I wanted a black wavy bitch.  That is how she ended up with the name WHAT THE ELLE.  But, as a breeder, you keep the best in the litter.  And so Surprise became Elle.  So the story goes...

Elle did a little socializing stint with Erin Myers in the fall of 2019 and hit a weekend of Puppy 6-9 classes and then came back home to hang out and grow up.  She returned to Erin as a 19 month old and 9 shows later with 2 Best of Breed wins from the classes over specials (2- four point majors), 2 big wins the week of the National Championship cluster in Florida, and a final 5-point major for her championship on the Florida circuit in a huge entry, she made short order of achieving her championship in beautiful competition.  Erin Myers presented her in impeccable condition, groomed with precision.  The moving photo captured by Diana Han above makes me beyond proud. 

Update:  November 2022

​Elle had a small cancerous tumor removed in September.  While it was caught early and clear margins were declared from the biopsy, she has understandably, and very sadly, been removed from our breeding program.  She is now living her best life with my wonderful friends, Lori Basher and Cynthia Pruitt.  She is happy and doing well with no signs of health issues.  Please hold her in your heart that things remain this way.  

6 Weeks
9 Months
19 Months
Hanging Out At Home