We know that Portuguese Water Dog puppies are
cute.   But we also know they are not the right dog
for everyone.  Before you buy one, we'd like to help
you make sure that having a PWD is the right
dog for you.

Our breed has a range of health, temperaments, 
energy levels - and breeders.  Please take the
time now to make a careful choice.  Also keep in
mind regular grooming can be costly!! (not to 
mention the three cell phones they have
stolen off of my kitchen counter top and chewed
up in the last year! PWDs are NOTORIOUS
Counter Surfers!!)

Take a look at our "MISCHIEVIOUS-NESS"
Photo Gallery at right - - it is said that the
"Portuguese Water Dog has a unique sense of 
humor and it's owner needs a sense of humor, too"

And remember, a Water Dog out of site, is a Water
Dog in trouble!!  (And no roll of toilet paper is safe
if it's within reach of  PWD!)


If you are getting started researching the breed, we suggest that you scour the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America website It contains a lot of really good information about selecting the right kind of dog for your family, selecting a breeder, and specific information about PWDs. 

There are a lot of unethical people involved in breeding PWDs in this current environment - solely for the purpose of making money.  One key indicator?  No ethical breeder actually calls the breed "Porties" - believe it or not, this single word will weed out 99% of unscrupulous breeders.  If you are working with someone who is actually breeding these dogs for the purpose of improving the breed and not just padding their pocket books.... look for all of the right indicators.  Please seek out health testing, microchipped, limited contracts, breeder's who want to meet you in person, who care about where their puppies are going.  They need to be involved in competing with their dogs on some level.  There is a BIG difference between PURE bred and WELL bred.  When you look at dogs here on this site, and then look at some of them elsewhere (on sites where they are calling the dogs "Porties")  I know you can see the difference.  Help us protect our beloved Portuguese Water Dogs.
If you want a dog that:

   * requires regular and extensive grooming...

   * demands attention and exercise...

   * challenges your will...

   * needs training and human contact...

   * thinks independently...

   * voices its opinion....

   * greets friends and family members with
     unbridled enthusiasm....

    Then the Portuguese Water Dog MAY                       be the right breed for you.
If you want a dog that:

   * requires minimal grooming...

   * needs little or no attention or exercise...

   * requires little mental stimulation...

   * is content to be left alone...

   * is very obedient in nature...

   * blends into the woodwork...

   * gives the occasional jump, lick and
      wagging tail ..

   Then the Portuguese Water Dog is NOT  the          right breed for you.
     So you think you want a puppy...
     So you think you want a puppy...
7 year old "Liza" with 6 month old "Splash" - - they were left on the sailboat unattended while Carmine and Susan went to dinner... and they had a PARTY!
"Zara" caught in the act!  Her mom was unpacking some new dishes and "Zara" found a way to help!
Jack and Jillie Bauer - - shredded a BRAND NEW dog bed... PWDs can be FRUSTRATING!  If you don't keep them busy, they will FIND something to keep themselves
"Jillie" - - checking out the newly planted flowers!  Darn puppies!  "Please don't eat the pansies!"  :-)
"Jack" creating his own confetti!  PWDs know how to party!
This is Phoebe leading the chase - - can you believe she has WHITE markings when you look at this photo? That's her buddy Waverly chasing her!
This picture was taken at a Great Lakes PWD Club called "Get All Wet!"  Liza spent the day running and playing with 24 other PWDs and at the end of the afternoon decided she needed to rest - ON TOP of the picnic table!  Just like a darn water dog!
Ironically, I was cleaning house and running the vacuum when I came upon this little party on the stairs leading from the basement to the main level of our house....(May, 2009)
I took a toy away from Phoebe and put it in the sink in the bathroom while I was getting ready for work - - went into my closet to put my shoes on and when I came out she was ON TOP OF THE VANITY!  (April, 2009)
What is this expression???  "But Mama - I am SO cute!"  (I've taken to calling her the wild indian!)
Here's the black eye Phoebe gave me when she was about 6 months old - - she jumped up and hit me in the brow bone when I was leaning down to pet her!  (2009)
Chloe..teaching Riot the art of shredding toilet paper... doesn't Liza look like "you guys are gonna get in TROUBLE!" (2007)
Riot as a baby - caught in the act!  (2007)
This is Molly - - better known as MUDDY MOLLY!  Her owner, Sandy Birdsall sent this picture of her after she was out having  a wee bit too much fun playing in the mud!
Chloe as a youngster --  making her own fun!  Just like a PWD! (2006)
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The Portuguese Water Dog first came to the United States in the late 1960's. In the early 1970's, there were only 25 known Portuguese Water Dogs in the world. Because of this, the PWD evolves from a very small gene pool and it is absolutely critical to work with a dedicated breeder who is familiar with the bloodlines, genetic problems and is continually learning and working toward bettering the breed.