Orange and Blue (wavy boys)Orange Boy, Yellow Girl, Pink Girl and Purple Girl
I've dubbed these two "The Beastie Boys" as they are hard to tell apart and they are BIG!
Orange Wavy BoyPurple Wavy Boy
Purple Wavy Boy
Pups with Liza at 11 days
11 days old
Pile of Puppies!  18 days old
Added toys to the whelping box today... the pups are always fascinated with seeing their reflection in the mirror!  This is "Dottie" - Pink Wavy Girl
"Dottie" and the Pink Elephant!
Orange and Blue (wavy males) - 18 days
Orange at 18 days (irish marked wavy male)
Purple Wavy Boy - 18 days

Pink Curly Girl out in the sunshine for the first time!
Yellow Wavy Girl outside for the first time - almost three weeks
Blue Wavy BoyPurple Wavy Boy
Pink Wavy Girl - "Dottie"
"Chaz" and "Dottie" - SO cute!Orange Wavy BoyOrange Wavy Boy - panting!  It's hot outside today!
Blue Wavy Boy"Chaz""Chaz" on the slide and "Dottie" to the rightPurple Curly Girl
Purple Curly Girl
Purple Wavy Boy
Purple Wavy Boy
Yellow Wavy Girl
Yellow Wavy GirlYellow Wavy Girl - - she is inside of the tube!  Yellow Wavy GirlBlue Wavy BoyOrange Wavy Boy and Blue Wavy BoyChazChazChazChaz and Dottie
Orange Wavy BoyPurple Curly GirlPurple Curly GirlPurple Wavy Boy
Purple Wavy Boy
DottieDottieDottieYellow Wavy GirlYellow Wavy GirlYellow Wavy Girl
MoJo and Liza Puppies

Litter Born September 22, 2011  -  4 boys, 3 girls
(all puppies have been placed with new families!) 
MoJo and Liza Puppies
"Liza" with her "MoJo" puppies at 7 days old
Blue Wavy Boy - "MoJo"
Purple Wavy Boy - "Cosmo"
Orange Wavy Boy - "Splash"
Lime Wavy Boy - "Maui"
Purple Curly Girl - "Gucci"
Yellow Wavy Girl - "Pearl"
Pink Wavy Girl - in the lion trim

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Videos of the pups on You Tube
2.5 Weeks
4 Weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
9 wks