I brought Liza home at 9 weeks of age and fell head over heels in love with the Portuguese Water Dog!  She is a black and white "loose-curly" with the sweetest disposition.  She is a happy-go-lucky lady who believes everyone and everything loves her as much as she loves them!
She gated effortlessly the first time she was ever on a lead, and was an absolute dream to show, finishing her championship very easily.  Her first time in the ring was the Nationals in 2005, when she placed 4th of 25 puppies in her Sweepstakes class!  Judges are constantly commenting on her beautiful movement, and she is always a ringside favorite with the crowds because of her beautiful markings and constantly wagging tail!  She loves children, loves to play fetch and tug-o-war and is the definite instigator of all things "fun" in our household!  She also works as a Therapy Dog through the Pet-A-Pet Club organization, and is always the star of the night at the rehabilitation center we visit close to our home once a month.  She loves it!

To get a real "feel" for her personality - click on the video link (You Tube) below of her entertaining herself in our area rug and check out her Photo Gallery!

UPDATE:  January 2012

We made a very difficult decision this month.  For quite a few years, Liza and Chloe have been known to get into "conflicts" - - but recently, those situations had begun escalating.   Confrontations were becoming more frequent and wounds were being inflicted.   It was with a very sad heart that we knew it had come time to change the living situation in our house.  I  thought long and hard about "what I wanted for Liza" and made a list...  I wanted her close to me in Las Vegas (selfish reasons!); I wanted her to have a MALE playmate (dog) because she LOVES to play;  I wanted her to have a pool in the yard, have great people in her life, and be able to get out and explore.  It was also VERY important to me that she be with someone who would keep in touch and keep me updated on her.   What came to me was the wonderful Calitri family, who we came to know last fall and who had taken Liza's son "Splash" home before Thanksgiving.   I approached Carmine and Susan about it and they were exicted about the idea.  We agreed to a "two week trial" to make sure everyone could adjust, and the result is, she is now a part of their family.  She swims daily, has taught her son some manners, and is continuing her role as Ambassador at the marina in San Diego where she spends her weekends on her new family's sailboat .  She also sleeps in their bed at night.  (Is she a lucky girl, or what?)

I miss her.  I can't think about it without crying.  But I know dog's are more resilient than humans and that she is living a great life.   I told Greg we had to "let her go to college" and let her start her new life.  It was meant to help me cope.  She is a gift to all who are blessed to know her.   Thank you to Carmine, Susan, Cole and Splash for embracing her into your family.  Liza is loved!
All smiles after swimming in our pool in Las Vegas.
Liza and Phoebe are best buds
Spring 2009 in Michigan - a little "fluffy" and in need of a haircut!
Pet therapy - - she's always a star at the rehabilitation center we go to!
With one of the nurses on pet therapy night
At the Detroit KC dog show - March 2007
Spreading holiday cheer - December 2008
This girl could be an outfielder for a major league team!
Playing in the snow - winter 2008 in Michigan
Life is always a party when Liza is around!
4th of July 2007 - her picture the day her 8 week old puppies went to their new homes
Proud Mommy with her first litter -  May 8, 2007
Day 57 with her first litter of puppies - there were 6 babies in her belly!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Liza!  (in Michigan, January 2007)
4 point major - Kalamazaoo, Michigan cluster, May 2006
Rolling herself up in a blanket - one of her favorite fun things to do!  Spring 2006
Our first show in Michigan after the Navy relocated us - she won a 4 point major at the Detroit KC dog show
Kathy and Liza - Detroit KC dog show, March 2006
First snow - December 2006 in Virginia
Visiting Grandma's - August 2005
9 months old - September 2005
She used to be small enough that I could hold her like a baby! (6 months old)
6 months old
Her first professional haircut at 4 months old in Virginia
In the Azaleas in April 2005 in Virginia
Greg with Liza and our Dobermans, Logan and Scandal - 2005.
As a baby in the springtime in Virginia
Liza in the Daffodils in Virginia - April 2005 (4 months old)
9 weeks old and fast asleep in my arms
9 weeks old - the day I brought her home (2005)
      Ch. Deewal Don't Rain On My Parade
     Ch. Deewal Don't Rain On My Parade

Date of Birth:                   01/01/05
Hips:                              OFA PW-4757F24F-PI 
Elbows:                OFA PW-EL1476F24-PI
Optigen:                         Carrier
GM1                              Normal
CERF:                           Normal - PW-5480/2011-79
IMPROPER COAT:        Normal
JDCM Linked Marker DNA Test:       1-1/Probable Normal
AKC DNA Profile:           V607565

 Liza is 21.25" tall at the shoulder, 52  lbs.
Liza was spayed in January of 2012
Visit Liza's
June 2009 -  4.5 years old
To get a real "feel" for Liza's entertaining personality,  watch this video of her on You Tube playing  in our area rug:

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Champion Patriot's Ride the Wave - "Brody"
Multi Ch. Patriot's Inara Serra of Mariposa - "Inara"
Champion Patriot's Don't Frigate About Me - "Saila"
Champion Patriot's U Don't Know Jack AWD - "Jack"
Patriot's Connect the Dots - "Dottie"
BISS GCH Patriot's Designer Girl - "Gucci"

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January 2012 - 7 years old
January 1, 2005 - September 11, 2014
"Forever could never be long enough for me, to feel like I have long enough with you"