PUPPIES BORN 7/26/08  -  6 boys, 2 girls       Click HERE for pictures      
Multiple Group Placing
Champion Pouch Cove Every Sailor's Dream AOM
More About Fleet...
This beautiful black wavy boy finished his championship at 10 1/2 months of age with 4 majors! He also won Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex at the Canadian National Specialty in 2004.  "Fleet", a Group winner and Top Ranked PWD in '04 and '05, has 14 group placements and 84 Best of Breed wins to his credit, along with the AOM from the '06 National Specialty. 

Fleet was bred and is owned and loved by
Barbara and Roy Cawley - Makitso PWDs
Williston, Florida.  Barbara shares more about Fleet's temperment...

"Fleet is a "little soldier" because he loves to please and work so much.  He is so cute when he tilts his head when you ask him to do something as if to say "Hey, whatever you want...let's do it!  He carries a toy everywhere.  He loves his soft toys but will rip the guts out methodically.  He just works and works until the toy is a mere shell.  But then it's his and he loves it and will carry it with pride.....  Fleet is a wonderful retriever and will play ball until he drops.  However, if one of the girls wants the ball he will be a gentleman and give it up to her. ... Fleet wants to be by your side at all times and looks directly into your eyes so lovingly.  He is a very sweet boy.....Diving into the pool is Fleet's greatest joy.  He will dive off the side almost going all the way across as many times as you are willing to throw the ball.
When he brings the ball back he "yaps" with his mouth and lips as if he's talking to you.  It's a yap..yap...throw the ball again type of thing.  (He got that from his mom, Xena).....He is great on our lake boat preferring to sit as high as possible on the back and take in the scenery.  It doesn't matter how fast it goes he puts his head up into the wind and smiles.  He loves the reservoir near our home in Utah where he can just swim and play all he wants.....Fleet will come as soon as he is called.  Never hesitating to keep doing something interesting.  He is so happy to just be with is mom and dad.  Run away....are you crazy...I'm a love dog and don't want to be anywhere else!!"


OFA   PW-3654G26M-PI (Good)
OFA ElbowsPW-EL967M26-PI (Normal)
GM-1:          Normal
Optigen:        B1
CERF:          PW4168/2008--73
JDCM:         1-1/Probable Normal (Test ID: 5456)
             Fleet is 21.5" tall at the withers - 58 lbs.                
Fleet and Chloe
Fleet and Chloe
Group Winning
Champion Makitso's Almirante de Armada AOM
A.O.M. + A.O.M. =  WOW!
Fleet and Chloe both received Award of Merit honors at
the 2006 PWDCA National Specialty!
launching into the pool!
launching into the pond!
Do you think these puppies
are gonna like the water??
retrieving the ball
loves to retrieve, too!
All of the Health Testing on both sire and dam has been completed - Certificates are posted on the "Pedigree of Litter" page - click on link above
"Fleet" has a beautiful head