Raising a litter of puppies is a lot of work - - if done properly, it's an additional full time job on top of everything else you already have going on in your life!  Because of our strong committment to our litters, we only breed occasionally.  From the initial planning of finding a stud dog who's health background, physical attributes and temperment compliment our girls, to the whelping, raising, socializing and interviewing families for prospective new homes, the experience is a intricate and demanding one - - but also very rewarding!  

We base special importance on SOCIALIZING puppies - believing that exposing them to as many experiences as possible when they are young allows them to grow into well adjusted, happy adults.  They are handled daily, even before their eyes are open, and are raised in our home, not in a kennel.  From the time they are a few weeks old they begin listening to a tape of "household noises" that includes doorbells, crying babies, vacuum cleaners, thunder, rain, train whistles, laughing children, etc.    They also spend special time in a "Romper Room Play Area" designed just for them - - walking on different surfaces, exploring toddler toys that play music and move when they step on them, tug toys, tunnels, even a crate that they can go in and out of, which makes crate training a simple task.   (We also have a lot of different people come visit and join in on the Romper Room fun as well!)  Their nails are trimmed weekly, they are exposed to grooming on a table, and by 5 weeks of age are already mastering stairs!  Our puppy buyers are thrilled with the results of our efforts - stating that the puppy is out-going, confident, a quick learner and easy to housebreak!  We do as much as we can to ensure the puppy and the new family's success, and we take our role in that process very seriously (even though it's really fun!)

Acquiring a PWD puppy can be a task that requires patience.  Be sure to research breeder's and even ask for references.  You are making a decision that will last for a very long time and you deserve to have a puppy that has been given the best start in life that is imagineable.

*All of our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts and are micro-chipped prior to leaving our home.

*We need to be informed of your goals and desires prior to purchasing your puppy so the right contract and right puppy can be matched to your needs.

*We do our best to match the temperment of a puppy with a caring and responsible family whose activity level and experience will provide the greatest success for that puppy.   Temperment considerations are of PRIMARY IMPORTANCE in these decisions!  Color, coat type and gender are secondary characteristics when matching a puppy with a new family!

* When you purchase a puppy from us you also purchase our commitment to your family, the breed as a whole and first and foremost, the puppy itself.  We want you to be happy and content with your pup and with us, as breeders and protectors of the PWD.  We also want the puppy to be happy and content with you.  All guarantees are in writing and provided for review prior to a deposit being placed.

*We expect and anticipate to follow all puppies throughout their lifetimes, supporting the needs of the pups and their families to maximize the "Water Dog experience."  Acquiring a puppy from PATRIOT PWDS is the beginning of relationship.  We seek to mentor new owner's while also continuing to grow ourselves through relationships with PWD fanciers that have decades of experience in the breed.

Breeding Philosophy
Breeding Philosophy
Why a PATRIOT Portuguese Water Dog Puppy?
As part of our role of being a responsible breeder of PWDs:
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The puppies are born in a designated bedroom in our home with a lot of natural light.
We use a state-of-the-art "Jonart" whelping box that is easy to disinfect.  Bedding is changed frequently so Mom and babies are kept meticulously clean.
As the puppies get older toys are added to the whelping box.
We always have a lot of visitors!
This little guy is tuckered out!
Children socialize the puppies - - fun for the pups and the kids!
They love this big stuffed dog - they curl up next to it and go to sleep when they're done playing.
The tunnel is FUN!
Sound asleep after a round of romper room fun!
Everybody outside exploring this GREEN STUFF called GRASS!
At about 4 weeks we attach the weaning pen to the whelping box and the pups start eating cereal... They still sleep a LOT at this age!
When weather allows, the pups spend most of their time outside in the romper room where they have plenty of room to run and play... bedtime is indoors in our raised floor puppy pens with soft bedding and plush animals to snuggle with.
This litter had 10 puppies - do we put 5 in each pen!  We split the pups up by size at this age...
This group of puppies is 26 days old
Another pup snuggling up to the "big stuffed dog" - each of our puppy's goes to their new home with a "dog" of their own that the litter has been sleeping with - we call it their "comfort item."

Watch a puppy
grow and

Two weeks
Four days
Four weeks
Five 1/2 weeks
Ten weeks
Four months
Six months
Eleven months
Two years old
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If you are considering a PWD puppy, 
please read the article linked below:
"It's Not All Just Black and White:
The Mission of a Responsible Breeder"